Don't Let Misaligned Wheels Put a Stop to Your Driving

Get your wheels aligned in Egg Harbor Township, NJ at Ocean Heights Auto & Tire

It has happened to almost everyone. You're in a hurry, driving to work and trying to finish a microwaved breakfast sandwich on yet another busy morning. Then your car starts vibrating as you pull onto the highway.

Misaligned wheels cause cars to vibrate while in motion and also to pull unevenly to one side. When you visit Ocean Heights Auto & Tire, our professionals take every precaution to align your wheels properly. Proper car alignment can:

  • Reduce tread wear on the tires
  • Ensure your vehicle travels straight
  • Let the steering system operate at its correct angle
  • Restore the original position of the suspension system
  • Stabilize your vehicle's movement

Stop by today to put your worries in the rearview mirror.

When should you get your car aligned?

Sometimes the signs that you need an alignment are subtle. Maybe your tires have started to squeal, or maybe your steering wheel tilts slightly to the left or right when driving.

We'll check your car's alignment at every regular checkup. You'll also know when it's time for realignment when you notice:

  • Your vehicle pulling to the left or right
  • Unevenly spread tire wear
  • Excessive vibration and shaking
  • Squeaking and knocking sounds

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