Great place, it's been a long time since I really trusted a place with my car.

Jim K.

Great job! As a car enthusiast and hobbyist, I'm pretty particular about working on my own car, but there are just some things I can't do in my garage. I went here to get an alignment after installing some aftermarket suspension components, and they handled even my exacting custom camber & toe request perfectly. When I picked up the car, the tech came out to speak with me to make sure I knew that these custom settings would effect tire life and what his recommendations were. While I already knew this going in, that tells me he really cares about his customers and wants to ensure their satisfaction. Easily earns my recommendation.

Kevin B.

We've been bringing our vehicles here for more than two years now. You wont find a more honest and affordable mechanic in the area. They make sure our cars are fixed right and we are back on the road safely.

Kimberly J.

I've had my car in for repairs several times. Each time they were prompt and courteous. The prices seem reasonable, less than the dealership charges. So far nothing has gone wrong with any of the repairs they have done.

Michele B.

We own 5 vehicles ranging in age from 2004 to 2018 .... Ford, GM, Jeep and Lexus. It has been hard to find a shop that has the expertise to service them all. Many shops say they can, but this is one of the only shops that actually can!! Bumper to bumper ... wheel to wheel. More importantly I trust what their mechanics and staff tell me!! They don't oversell you on parts and repairs that aren't really some of the other places locally. Very reasonable rates. Great waiting area.

Special shout out to mechanic Nick L. for always going the extra mile to also make sure our cars are safe to drive. Several times Nick has pointed out problems before we even knew they were an issue or caused us to end up on the back of a tow truck!!

I would recommend Ocean Heights Auto and Tire without hesitation.

Charles O.